Sulwhasoo Spa presents you
: Aesthetic wisdom, untouched by time

The Sulwhasoo treatment uses original Korean skin care techniques, traditional Korean herbal wisdom, and careful conditioning by professional beauticians to restore balance to your
skin . The traditional rituals in the treatment also help restore peace of mind, and achieve health through internal and external reconciliation. lasting beauty.

Red Ginseng Foot Bath
Rinse carefully with warm water soaked in Korean red ginseng, and use the energy of red ginseng and the warmth of the warm water to relieve fatigue on your feet and completely relax your body and mind.

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Upon entering the Sulwhasoo SPA treatment room, the entire treatment begins with a piece of cotton cloth, a reference to court beauty treatments of the Joseon Dynasty. The herbal aromatherapy oil of your choice will be added to the cotton cloth to help awaken the senses and enhance the treatment.

Beauty tools exclusive to Sulwhasoo
Jadeite has a cooling effect, amber has a warming energy, and white porcelain has a purifying effect. All these carefully selected massage tools can help enhance the efficacy of Sulwhasoo products and exert the ultimate beauty treatment effect.